The study of the various elements that constitute a complete vocal technique is based on natural, physical law and their application to the Art of Singing is taught through clear and practical indications.

Through a series of simple but well-aimed exercises, students will learn about:
The articulation of consonants and placements of vowels
Breathing: how it should not interfere with speaking declamation and singing… and viceversa;
Phrasing: the dynamism and momentum involved, which gives a sense of direction and structure to everything we sing;
Freshness of timbre; ease of execution; agility; extension; power; vocal longevity

Mastery of these principles leads to creative independence.



Courses are open to all students with a genuine passion for Bel Canto.
There are three levels:
1) Beginners: for those who have never sung but have always had a desire to do so.
2) Advanced: for those with some training and performing experience but feel that there is, perhaps, a more fulfilling way of singing.
3) For singers with a good deal of training and performing experience - and with serious vocal problems - and who would like to rediscover their lost spontaneity and joy of singing.

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